It’s like trying to find a needle in a Haystack. You think to yourself, who put the needle there and what will happen if you can’t find the needle. Can we use a metal detector and if so, why not? I think this is the best way to describe those annoying co-workers at work. You know what I’m talking about, right? Like they’re so frustrating and irritating that you find it so hard to seek for the problem and resolve it- the same way trying to find a needle in a Haystack. 

Do you sometimes want to come into work with an oversized jumper and use the sleeves to go “wickity wacky stop that crap” or “wickity wack you need a slap”? Never in a month of Sundays, has the thought of slapping your co-worker on the head ever significantly left your mind, you nasty! I think we all deserve an Oscar for acting as if everything’s fine but sometimes you’ve got to find the courage to speak out the words ‘enough is enough!’.

Let's quickly skim-through the type of annoying people that exist in the workplace and how you can get rid of them, I mean deal with them. 

Coming in at number one . . .

The teammate that acts like the boss

Everyone, at one point in life, has had the misfortune of experiencing that one colleague who thinks they’re above everyone else. The best way to deal with them is to point out that everyone is a part of a special team and contributes in his own way. As I am sure you know, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

The one who always needs your help 

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in helping your fellow colleagues and there’s nothing wrong in seeking help from your fellow colleagues. The problem lies with the constant aid of someone without thinking for yourself. It’s like having your colleague’s umbilical cord attached to you. How can you deal with a colleague like this? Simply say you have a lot on your plate, you have no plans to cause indigestion and that he should at least try to make an attempt on his own. Don’t forget the golden advice of our age: Every professional has a mentor and a best friend, and its name is Google! Incline your colleague to search for the solution on their own. Alternatively, you may want to speak to your manager and request additional training. 

The gossiper 

Ah. Where do we start on this one? By Wednesday you already find out that your boss has already had an affair with the receptionist, the caretaker is actually a serial killer and your fellow colleague isn't really a vegan! You’re constantly being told what’s happening around the office and is becoming quite a distraction. So how do you resolve this? Simply take them to the side and remind them that you’re all there to work hard and make the dream happen and that they are now becoming a distraction. 

The one that is always gloomy

They come in with their face looking so down. As soon as they enter the room, the lights go out and it becomes dark and daunting. They always seem to be slacking at work and they talk about death. What can you do? Simply take them out for lunch and ask what’s the matter. There isn’t anything wrong with being a friend and offering a helping hand. Step in if you know it’s affecting their work. Coming together through generosity and kindness will brighten the mood in the office and hopefully, they’ll won’t drag the mood down the next time they walk into the office.

The Debbie Downer

This one is similar to the “gloomy” one, with the difference that these people will always shoot down any new ideas. It is really hard to work with because of their lack of perspective and positivity. The way to deal with these ones is to show them that actually doing something, even if it doesn’t pay out, is always better than doing nothing. Acting like the devil's advocate may be useful in some cases, but if you do it for all the cases then you will just end up putting the whole team under a state of ‘loser’ thinking. 

The chit chatter

Constantly talking. Say good morning to you then ends up turning your morning bad. Describe in detail what they had for dinner last night, always cracking really bad and cheesy jokes and, to make matters worse, always laughing at their own jokes most obnoxiously. They deliver you the daily news and celebrity gossip and what they have planned for the weekend. Even though it's always nice to have someone in the office that tries to lighten the mood, if you end up getting distracted or if you see them neglecting their responsibilities due to their lack of focus, you have to take them aside and make clear that you are all here for a reason. Each one has to be able to deal with their responsibilities and respect others while trying to do so. At the end of the day, a business cannot be fed off gossip.

The slacker

Always watching Netflix, somehow they’re always on a break, they NEVER do their work and just like the Chit Chatter, they seem to always be talking about the most irrelevant topics. So how do you solve this character? Simply tell them that an invaluable employee stands out easily and businesses don’t tend to keep employees that are of no value to them. In other words, a heads up on the consequences might do the trick. If not, and if this situation creates roadblocks for your own work, don’t hesitate to take this matter to the management. It’s not a crime to care about the development of your work and the slacker has to respect this. If not he can always go search for something else that would intrigue him more.

The eater

They’re always hungry, and always have some kind of food in their mouth. Whenever you hear them talk, it’s about how hungry they are. They will heat up smelly food in the office with no pardon because food comes first. In general, other than a piece of friendly advice on health-related issues, it is their own business what and how much they will eat. However, if the smell is that bad and they don’t seem to care, you can politely ask them to finish their meal on the designated lunch rooms, after all, that is why they exist! If they ignore you, once again it is a matter of respect. You can always call for a meeting, without singling out anyone, and just have a talk about respect in the workspace. Everyone can go around listing out stuff that annoys them and then you can discuss all together on the solutions.

Now that we’ve established the different types of annoying people at work, I’m curious to know what type of colleagues exist in your workplace and which one you identify the most with. Do you have any additional tips that worked for you? Drop us a line in the comments below to share your thoughts!

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