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The Highest Paying Apprenticeships

Posted by: Sharifa Bakhtani | Feb 7, 2024

Starting your apprenticeship journey is like hitting two birds with one stone—you get to dodge the hefty university debt and fast-track your way into a high-paying career. Apprenticeships offer just that—a unique blend of learning and earning that can surpass the financial outcomes of traditional university routes. With the cost of higher education soaring, the appeal of securing a well-paid job without the accompanying student loans is stronger than ever.

It's important to note that while initial apprentice wages might seem modest, the focus here is on the bigger picture: the highest-paying careers that await once you transition into a full-time professional role. 

We're diving into sectors where the investment of your time and talent during an apprenticeship can lead to exceptional salary prospects and career growth, making the apprenticeship route a smart choice for many aspiring professionals…

1. Finance Apprenticeship:

Who said number crunching couldn't be rewarding? Starting with a finance apprenticeship could see you earning an impressive average salary of £45K, and for the high-flyers, up to £70K once you land a full-time role. That's a lot of numbers working in your favour! 

Finance is all about the long game, and with the expertise and experience you gain, you'll be in prime position to cash in on those higher salary brackets.

2. Sales / Recruitment Apprenticeship:

Got the gift of the gab? A sales or recruitment apprenticeship could be your ticket to earning big bucks. We're talking an average salary of £52K, skyrocketing up to £126K for those who excel in full-time roles. Not to mention, you get paid commission and bonuses in sales based on how well you meet your KPIs. 

Sales and recruitment are all about people skills and hitting targets, and if you’ve got what it takes, the financial rewards can be through the roof.

3. Engineering Apprenticeship:

If you have a knack for solving problems and a passion for how things work, an engineering apprenticeship could lead you to an average full-time salary of £45K, with potential earnings up to £70K.

And here’s the exciting part: engineering is a vast field, offering sub-paths like aerospace, mechanical, chemical, and data engineering, each with its unique challenges and rewards. This path not only pays well but also offers a world of opportunities to specialise and innovate.

4. Marketing Apprenticeship:

Creative souls and strategic thinkers, take note—a marketing apprenticeship can open doors to an average salary of £42K, with the top talents earning up to £80K in full-time roles. 

Marketing is all about connecting with people and crafting messages that resonate, and with the digital world evolving, your skills will be in high demand.


While the salary during your apprenticeship years might not be the main highlight, it's definitely a step up from the student loan life, and it sets you up for a financially sound future. Plus, finishing your apprenticeship with not just any job, but a career path that offers real growth and hefty paychecks, makes it all worth it. You'll come out equipped with experience and qualifications that employers are literally hunting for. So, if you're ready to earn, learn, and leap into a career you love, an apprenticeship could be the perfect start. 

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