Is Apply4U Free?
Yes, 100% free to use for all. Everyone gets to access and participate in our online community. Jobseekers can upload their CV, search and apply to jobs, receive job alerts, get a free CV review, and get their CV prescreened for easier and faster headhunting. Recruiters can post jobs and get access to our CV database with more than half a million CVs.
Apply4U is a platform for jobs across all industries.
Unfortunately, sponsorship is up to the employer and not up to as. The reason is that companies must have a license to be able to sponsor. Find a list of companies with a license to sponsor here.
We are not a recruitment agency so employers don’t pay us any fees to hire you, so they can offer you a higher salary :-). We make money from companies paying us to advertise their job vacancies and help them search CVs & recommend them the best candidates available
To be able to enjoy our free features like the CV Review , or the CV Distribution , you will have to upload your CV . This will also help our system “map out” your professional profile to start sending you relevant jobs and display your CV to relevant searches made by recruiters in our CV Database. If you are worried about your privacy just know that our clever technology allows employers to view your full CV profile but hides your name & contact details, so only those subscribers that are really interested in your profile and download your CV will be able to see your details to contact you directly. If this is not enough, you can go into stealth mode be setting your CV to not appear in recruiter’s searches and.
By submitting your CV for a free CV review, you are allowing us to send your CV to a professional recruiter that will read through it and will get back to you within two days, with suggestions on how to make it better!
By submitting your CV for CV distribution, you allow us to send your CV to other partnering websites, such as other job aggregators , to increase its reach and visibility to more recruiters which may come in contact with you if they believe you match their requirements for any opportunities. In short, it is a way of “expanding” your search in a more automated manner.
In the Apply4U platform you get free access to hundreds of thousands of CVs. However, for privacy and anti-spamming purposes, we are hiding the personal and contact detail from each CV. If you want to view these details so that you can contact a candidate, you will have to download his CV.
We find CVs from a variety of sources including job boards, CV databases, social media, referrals and our own internal CRM. We contact jobseekers specifically for current roles we have on and to fulfil our client’s requirements.
Yes of course, feel free to call a member of the Apply4U team on 0300 303 1663 or 020 3994 5533. Please ensure you have completed your online registration before calling so we can easily find your details.
We apologise for this. Being a company which is online and communicates predominantly through email sometimes our emails end up in people’s junk or spam folder. This is something we are constantly working on to improve deliverability to the inbox. To resolve you should add our domains to your safe senders list or whitelist.
Worry not, that’s why we’ve created this online recruitment platform. You should be able to get registered in less than 60 seconds and instantly receive support through our online services.
Simply put; In the registration form, you will see 2 options, one is to opt-in for a CV Review and the other to opt-in for CV Distribution. We would suggest that you tick both boxes. Concerning the CV review, we will send your CV to TopCV and a consultant will evaluate your resume and give you some feedback within 2 days on how to make it better. Concerning the CV distribution, we will send out your CV to partnering Job sites and employers, to effectively increase the reach and visibility of your CV. Keep in mind that the above services are completely free. From that point onwards, you can continue with your job search using our platform to apply to the jobs that interest you and be approached my employers / recruiters that like the look of your profile. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our social features, by searching in the User Directory for Recruiters and request to connect with them so that you can message them directly or you can post what you are looking for in our Industry-specific forums. Hope these help and if you need further support our team of experts are always available.
Okay that’s perfect. Once ready, register directly with your new CV by visiting; Join Now or visiting our website Sign in. If already registered, simply visit the “My Profile” section and upload your new CV and mark it as the default. It will be stored on our system forever, so you always know where your latest CV is and can download it anytime.

General Questions

What is a Job site?
A Job site is a website that deals specifically with employment or careers.
A job aggregator is a website that collects job ads from various job boards, as well as from direct employers and employment agencies. Its like a search engine for jobs!
Direct employer is a company that is looking to hire a candidate for its own operational purposes.
A recruitment agency is a business which matches employees to employers. In fact, these agencies are used as intermediaries between organisations that are hiring and job seekers that are looking for employers. Their main role is to find the most suitable candidates for the roles that they have been asked to fill.
The speed of your job search really depends on your level of experience, on your skills, on your focus in the job search process, as well as on some good old luck! There are many tips and tricks on what to do to stand out from the crowd and get contacted by more employers. You can find some of them here! If you need to be sponsored for a VISA, bear in mind that this process may take a couple of months.
In the context of searching for a candidate to fill a specific role, a recruiter reviews a candidate's job experiences and acts like the intermediary communicator between the candidate and the employer. He suggests candidate profiles to the employer, walks those that are chosen through the interviewing process and, if everything goes smoothly, he negotiates their salaries.
In the UK, you can apply for most jobs online by sending a short CV and cover letter or filling out an application form. You can find job advertisements on company websites, social media, job aggregators and other job sites. Also, networking is important, and many vacancies are filled through word of mouth.
If you are eligible to work in the UK (British and European Economic Area citizens & Swiss nationals) then you can apply to any job as you see fit. If you are not eligible to work in the UK, the hiring company will have to sponsor a work VISA . Not all employers are licensed to sponsor. You can find a list of companies that have a sponsorship license here
The UK is one of the strongest economies worldwide, with an unemployment rate around 3.8% and a high rate of employee mobility. These facts make the country an ideal location to job hunt. Countless companies and countless jobs specialized or not, are being advertised every day. However, there is a downside. The above facts may drive you towards the UK, but same goes for hundreds of thousands other professionals, so it is safe to say that the UK is also a highly competitive job market. So, in other words, you won’t have a problem finding opportunities, but competing with other candidates can be tricky. There is only one way to find out for yourself, and that is to join the job hunt now!
To apply for UK work visa, you must first have an offer of employment from a company with a license to sponsor. The company will assist you in the process, which may take a few months. To find out more about Visa applications, click here
1. Recruiters save you time. 2. You can network on a larger scale. 3. Recruiters help you through the process. 4. Recruiters want to place candidates. In fact, their salary depends on it, so rest assured that they want you to find a job, almost as much as you do! 5. You have access to more job opportunities. 6. You have specialized skills. 7. You stay in a database. By using a recruiter, you split the workload. Recruiters spend eight hours (at least) a day trying to find candidates for their clients.
Screening is the process of sorting candidates by examining in detail their CVs and finding the answers to additional questions, usually concerning their availability and eligibility to work in the UK. The objective is to locate the most qualified candidates for an open job. The process is meant to eliminate a number of them, to reduce the options to a more operational number. It usually takes place before inviting candidates for interviews.
Think of it this way, whatever you say will be proven on a later stage. Whether it is on a later stage of the hiring process or after you have been hired, if there is something that you have stated that you can do, but you can’t, will surely create problems. At best, it will turn to be a waste of your time as well as of the hiring manager’s time. So, just keep it real! You are more than welcome to express your belief in dealing with a problem or employing a specific skill, but never overpromise.
1. Investment Banking Analyst Median base salary: £50,752 2. Software Engineer Median base salary: £34,106 3. Business Analyst Median base salary: £32,142 4. Data Scientist Median base salary: £30,791 5. Financial Analyst Median base salary: £28,717 6. Software Developer Median base salary: £28,609 7. Civil Engineer Median base salary: £28,475 8. Audit Assistant Median base salary: £28,288 9. Design Engineer Median base salary: £28,288 10. Mechanical Engineer Median base salary: £28,273
According to the Office of National Statistics these are the top 20 highest paying jobs in 2019 (in average annual salaries): 1. Chief executives and senior officials - £156,209 2. Air traffic controllers - £93,955 3. Marketing and Sales directors - £93,372 4. Legal professionals - £90,791 5. Financial managers and directors - £87,855 6. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers - £86,204 7. Dentists - £82,839 8. Doctors - 79,767 9. IT and telecommunications directors - 79,260 10. Advertising and PR directors - £72,139 11. Managers and directors in finance - £71,905 12. Functional managers and directors - £70,438 13. Manufacturing managers and directors - £62,621 14. Mining and energy managers and directors - £62,083 15. Senior police officers - £59,375 16. Train and tram drivers - £57,904 17. Purchasing managers and directors - £57,663 18. Managers and directors in construction - £57,003 19. HR managers and directors - £56,943 20. Tax experts - £56,627
According to the Office of National Statistics, these are the top 20 lowest paying jobs in 2019 (in average annual salaries): 1. Bar staff - £16,055 2. Waiters and waitresses - £16,286 3. Kitchen and catering assistants - £16,604 4. Leisure and theme park attendants - £16,766 5. Launderers, dry cleaners and pressers - £17,090 6. Educational support assistants - £17,170 7. Beauticians - £17,179 8. Unqualified in the service industry - £17,354 9. Nursery nurses and assistants - £17,392 10. Pharmacy and other dispensing assistants - £17,594 11. Hairdressers and barbers - £17,609 12. Cleaners and domestics - £17,815 13. Retail cashiers and check-out operators - £17,873 14. Teaching assistants - £17,923 15. Cooks - £18,065 16. Unqualified sales work - £18,355 17. Dental nurses - £18,791 18. Playworkers - £18,802 19. Housekeepers and related occupations - £19,040 20. Level 1 administrators - £19,176
1. Project Manager - Average Base Salary: £41,808. 2. Business Analyst - Average Base Salary: £39,127. 3. Data Scientist - Average Base Salary: £46,665. 4. Software Engineer - Average Base Salary: £41,100. 5. Mechanical Engineer - Average Base Salary: £33,765. 6. Accountant - Average Base Salary: £36,171.
You can search for any local recruitment agencies or any local jobsites or even visit any of the bigger websites, search for the role you want but make sure that you will filter the results by your location. Alternatively, you can visit the Jobs Near Me or CVs Near Me pages on the Apply4U platform and land on a map with all the Jobs or CVs that our database has in your live location, along with the most popular searches of people searching jobs around their area.
On business websites, job portals , job aggregators , social media, word-of-mouth, professional networks,networking events and career fairs.
The recruiter will call you as soon as there is news to share, typically only after an offer is accepted by another candidate or one is coming your way.
Research the job and the recruitment agency. Visit the agency's website and if they don't have one or it doesn't fit with how they describe the company, consider that a red flag. You can also use Google to research the agency. Usually, if the company exists one of the top links will be from review websites like Trustpilot, Glassdoor etc. Also, you can search this agency across social media. Finally, make sure you check out the agency’s references.

Ask for Pricing

How much do you charge for writing CVs / resumes and optimising my LinkedIn profile?
Thank you for reaching out. Please follow this link to learn about CV writing pricing plans and benefit from our discounts: For further assistance and additional coaching services please email or give us a call on 0330 175 8370 or +4420 3994 5533.
Yes, we do offer additional “Get Hired” packages to help jobseekers further in their search. Visit to find out more.

Need Sponsorship

“Please I need job AND sponsorship”
Of course! We are here to help you the best we can. If you require sponsorship than it may take longer than normal but stay positive and keep applying to jobs on our platform that you find relevant. Please ensure you are clear about your personal situation and requirements in your profile / CV. In addition, whenever you see jobs that you are interested in, please apply right away so we can notify the employer of your interest. I also suggest contributing in the industry forums relevant to your profile so that you get noticed more. In regard to sponsorships, it really depends on each unique employer. You should know that only companies with a sponsorship license can sponsor an employee. In this link you can find a list of companies that have this license. Companies are able to apply for a licence as long as they meet the requirements, so if they are not listed you can request them to get a licence for you if they wish to hire you.

Technical Problems

Something went wrong with the website. What next?
We’re sorry for the trouble you’ve been having on our website. Sometimes it may happen due to an internet connection or too many people doing the exact same thing at once. We are constantly striving to better our systems so please bare-with us. Here are some actions you can take that may resolve the issue: - Have you tried to close the browser and refresh it to try again. Sometimes an easy retry fixes it. - Which browser are you using to register? Have you tried other browsers to register? If not, we would suggest using some other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox instead. - Please clear browser cache and give it a try? As sometimes a cache is outdated and you've to clear it out for a better experience. - If you're using a mobile browser then I would recommend clearing out browser cache on your mobile or trying from a desktop / laptop. - Check your internet is stable and working? As some time there is some disconnection problem which may cause some problems. If these don’t work, please email and include as much detail as possible. Normally the steps you took, the URL you were on and a screenshot or two work well. We’ll get back to you within three business day with an alternative solution, or will have someone from the support department help you out.

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