Career Advice

Forget advice like “follow your passion”.

If you’re just going to ask for tips on choosing a new or better career, trust me, you will just get silly responses like:

“Follow your passion!”, “Network with people!”, “You’re lucky to have ANY job in this world, so just take what you can get your hands on!”.


No wonder why there are so many people frustrated in their jobs!

However, you might begin to question yourself about the options you want to go for, which is totally understandable as one of the most daunting parts of choosing a career is the fact that you are picking just ONE job . . . that you’re going to stay with for the rest of your life.

It almost sounds like a . . . marriage.

Such questions that may taunt you when you try going to sleep will be:

  • “What if I decide that I hate doing admin role jobs?”

  • “Will I ever be able to do something else other than teaching?”

  • “What if I want to change careers in a few years? What do I do then?”

  • “What if I like to do lots of things and can’t decide where to focus?”

But always remember that your options are as open as the sky. Asking yourself thoughtful and reasonable questions will enable new possibilities and you may become more curious about other career opportunities instead of constantly saying “No, I can’t do that because . . .

So, start thinking differently like:

“Do I think copywriting sounds fun? Hmm, it sure does, I should add this to my list”.

“I can imagine myself as a marketing director. Maybe it’s time to add it to my list”.

“I know someone that does sales and what they do sounds cool! I want to give it a go.”

“I’ve toyed with the idea of being a baker and one could never eat too many cakes.Sounds like the ideal career for me!”

Once you have reached this point, prepare to embark on a challenging journey, that of finding a job!

 Job Search

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