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Apply4U Internal & External Recruitment Solutions - AIERS

Hire pre-screened candidates at 0% agency fees. Attract the best talent for all your internal and external needs, never again pay for agency fees and get a great return on investment.

Elliott Browne | Recruitment Consultancy Partner | £50,000+ ROI in Year1

Previously they used a Rec2Rec for Internal Hires @ £5,000 per placement in fees: 3 Hires = £15,000 spent in R2R fees.

Apply4U RPO Package for 1 year cost them only £11,964, saving them on 3 Hires = £3,036 But that’s not all. They also used Apply4U to help find external candidates to place. Advertising their Clients jobs, searching the CV database and receiving relevant CVs from HumaTec (for their specialist sectors). On average they made at least ONE additional external placement through Apply4U per Month, on an average fee of £5,000 x 12 = £60,000 in additional fees.

We therefore saved Elliott Browne £3,036 on the 3 internal hires PLUS helped create additional revenue of £60,000 MINUS Apply4U AIERS Package Cost of £11,964 = Return on investment Year 1 = £51,072

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Features Explained

By knowing our features better you'll know which package is best suited for you and your business.

Featured/Multipost Jobs

For urgent or competitive vacancies you can't afford to have your job ad get lost in the masses, instead make it stand out and attract more attention using the Feature or Multipost option.

Personality Profile Download

Everyday more and more companies want to find the right fit for their environment and a CV alone is not enough to show that. This is why we provide a Personality Profile and Video Introduction for download.

Email Engage Campaign

Get support reaching the right people using a personal touch with our email targeting campaign. Only speak to warm leads and not waste time on cold calling the wrong people..

Expert CV Search & Rec

For those with limited time or resources this feature is what they need. Receive a list of candidates that match your requirements perfectly.

Auto Search

Save time on Admin, it's dull and boring to keep inputting the same search everyday, with this feature you can input your requirements once and get results everyday without doing anything more.

Daily Search

This is ideal for your core sectors, the search is designed to deliver you active profiles that fit your requirements daily. No more CV searching, just come in and start calling knowing they're ready to speak.

Apply4u Internal & External Recruitment Solutions - AIERS

The AIERS Package was tailor made to save you time, money, deliver quality and increase quality.

The Package includes access to all our platform features and much more, and you're assigned an Account Manager to help you make the most of the package and significantly increase your return on investment.

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Jobseeker Pricing Packages

The prices are once-off on a monthly basis.
Subscriptions are recurring every month. You can reuse or exchange features upon agreement with your job search coach on a monthly basis.
You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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What Others Had To Say About Us

Unlike other job boards, we speak with our users and unlike recruitment agencies, our focus is you, the jobseeker. We've designed our packages with the jobseeker at the centre, each package aims to go the extra mile and support jobseekers on their journey to find their next opportunity.

Mark Jacob | ★★★★★ Trust Pilot

"Excellent, friendly, proactive service to help you submit your CV and requirements to lots of top job hunting agencies on your behalf. Thoroughly recommended."

Steve Greenaway | ★★★★★ Trust Pilot

"Very simple and easy process with immediate results"

Navi De Costa | ★★★★★ Google Reviews

"As a customer from Sydney Australia, I required my resume to be matched to the ongoing job opportunities in the UK. But some of the information I provided in my profile was inadequate which restricted ‘Apply 4U’s ability to serve me. I was immediately responded by them, informing me to provide the required information, directing me to the appropriate link. I was also promptly informed about their free CV review service. I believe their customer service, and response on time are excellent."

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Features Explained

By knowing our features better you'll know which package is best suited for you and your.

CV & Profile Review Call

A CV expert will review your CV & profile and call you to discuss potential improvements that can be made (30 Mins).

Career Advice Call

A recruitment expert will call you to discuss your job search & offer you career advice and guidance (30 Mins).

Verification & Screening

An expert will call you to verify your profile and add pre-screening notes. Your profile will then be marked as Verified and Screened by an expert, ensuring it stands out from the crowd (15 Mins)

Interview Support V-Call

An interview expert will review your video assessment and offer you advice on how to improve your interviews. They will also run a live mock interview with you &give you instant feedback (45 Mins).

Job Search Support

A job search expert will help you find those jobs you’re missing and create recommended shortlists for you to apply to (Minimum 20 jobs).

CV Blast

A recruitment expert will research relevant employers & recruiters in your industry and Apply4U – sending your CV & profile out to these contacts for them to be able to contact you directly (Minimum 100).

AI Personality Assessment Full Report Download

Once you’ve recorded your video interview you can see your AI personality score summary for free. This however is not the full report. This download gives you access to the full detailed PDF report which breakdown all elements and can be sent to potential employers to enhance your applications.

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