About us

Whether you’re searching for jobs or candidates, Apply4U does the search for you.

Our story

In the beginning

Our story begins in 2006, when we discovered a distinct gap in the recruitment industry between recruitment agencies and a jobsites. We studied job seekers’ experiences and discovered that whilst there are of course advantages and disadvantages to both, whichever direction a job seeker decided to take there was something they may have been missing out on and many times were left dissatisfied. So our founder, Irfaan, driven by his joy in helping others, created the Apply4U platform as the bridge between recruitment agencies and jobsites merging the benefits of both into one.

And now

Today we are standing stronger than even, trying to change our platform to something deeper. While we realise that a job is something pivotal to one's life, we don’t want to stay only there. Besides, helping people is an everlasting process in which there is always something to be done. For this reason, we are creating a community of helpers that is going to expand from just the job seeking activities to all parts of professional life and even further. In our minds the sky is the limit!

Our vision:

We aim to become the leading and most helpful platform for professional

Our mission:

We desire to help people help themselves.

Company values:

We’re small enough to care but big enough to create an impact. We are a helpful community rather than a job board whose passion, enthusiasm and integrity has enabled us to be honest and transparent.

Our aid in these efforts are our two valuable assets

Our Technology

Our technology

Our Experts

Our Experts recruiters

Our services

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Apply4U does not make any representation whatsoever about any Advertisement accessed. Apply4U relies on information provided to it by Clients and via third parties and accordingly it is a matter for the Candidate to satisfy itself as to the suitability.

Apply4U Ideas

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