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A message from our CEO


We understand that searching and applying for jobs is one of the hardest and most stressful things to do. That’s why at Apply4U we’ve built a business where we put you at the heart of what we do. We’ve done this by building a platform that is easy and intuitive to use, and the best thing! Our trained experts are ready to start applying 4U.

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Our Story So Far…


We were bigger than ever and we’re still continuing to grow. We were supporting over 360,000 active daily users, over 20,000 new registrations a month and over a million searchable profiles!

Whether you’re looking for work, to recruit or just want to network and excel in your career – our platform is perfect for you.

Artificial Intelligence & Big data

- Early 2019

As mentioned many times before, our CEO is a forward thinker (hopefully now he’ll consider my pay rise). Jokes aside though, the world has been shifting towards AI and automated processes. Over the last decade, the development team have been hard at work creating our “Human like” Technology, Humatec. She automatically finds users exactly what they’re looking for.

Bringing together artificial and human intelligence to search the crowded market and deliver back the quality results is what users are seeking.

At the same time, recruitment was becoming more socially driven, pushing towards networking and connections to find new opportunities. So, we launched our social network and community functions.

Find. Connect. Collaborate. Progress.


Quality over Quantity

- Early 2018

We began introducing our pre-screened / verified profiles to help job seekers stand out from the crowd and for employers to find quality candidates. And guess what? It’s now one of our main and much-loved features, enabling people to get noticed and find quality in the noise that surrounds the recruitment industry.

Giving back

- Early 2016/2017

After the rebranding, we became much more recognized – our methodology and platform delivered a unique way of job searching for candidates and recruiting for recruiters. During this time, we launched our Apply4U subscription services for both candidates and recruiters.

Our launch was so successful that we were invited by UCFB to present a Job Search Seminar at Wembley Stadium.



- Early 2015

After many years, the market was finally changing and shifting towards the Apply4U wayfinding jobs for the best talent.

As we mentioned, our founder has always been a forward thinker, so he began rebranding of Apply4U, improving its design and functionality of the job site.



- Early 2013/2014

We were then nominated for and won 12 “Best for Recruitment” Awards including Gold Award for “Best National Jobsite 2013/14” along with specialist industry recruitment.


London Olympics 2012

- Early 2012

As the London Olympics 2012 was nearing closer, Apply4U was selected as a preferred recruitment partner for the staffing of the event. But it didn’t stop there!



- Early 2010

Our team grew, our business grew and most importantly, our client base grew! Some of our clients included The Guardian, CareerBuilder, Charterhouse, Robert half and many more recruitment agencies. We grew so much that we were approached by Venture Capitalist, owned by James Caan from Dragon’s Den.

Of course, our CEO declined because this was his life’s work!


The Website Launch

- Early 2009

Our initial website and concept were officially launched in 2009 in collaboration with Tre Azam from the BBC’s The Apprentice – Series 3. Tre took a keen interest in Apply4U and helped with our rebranding.


The Recession

- Early 2008

Everyone remembers the 2008 recession and financial crisis and of course, the first sector it hit was the recruitment sector. Companies made hundreds of redundancies and everyone was looking for a job but there were no jobs available.

Fortunately for us, our founder was always forward-thinking and always planning ahead, foreseeing what’s to come allowing Apply4U to remain firm and continue to grow (let’s hope this doesn’t go to his head).

The Beginning

- Early 2007

The question was proposed – what if we reversed the whole recruitment process? What if we found jobs for the best candidates instead of the other way around?

Irfaan identified a gap between recruitment agencies and job boards – one would focus on quality but charged a huge agency fee whilst the other would focus on quantity and be cheaper but be a lot more time-consuming and not guaranteed to deliver – inevitably, technology was used to bridge this gap.

He, alone, started building the platform which benefits job seekers and recruiters, and here we are.



- Early 2000

Our founder, Irfaan Hussain, graduated from The University of London with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) and soon after jumped into recruitment when he was hired by Totaljobs Group to provide direct employers with an online recruitment solution. He brought on clients such as Atkins, Orange, PIPC, IDT, T-Mobile, Egg and others. He quickly progressed to leading a team.

Due to his great success, he was headhunted by CareerBuilder to become the UK’s 1st employee. Working closely with the Managing Director to help build up the recruitment solution, he brought on FTSE clients such as Accenture, Bupa, Bloomberg, Network Rail, Unilever, AXA, Abbey and many more.

After winning several awards, the Apply4U concept was born!



Human like Technology that automatically finds you exactly what you’re looking for!

AI is the future, but it’s not all as scary as it sounds. We’ve managed to combine human and artificial intelligence to create a recruitment solution that allows you to sit back while the search is done for you.

Don’t worry, Huma won’t be gaining consciousness, becoming fully sentient, taking over our jobs and lives, and destroying the human race… Not anytime soon at least.


Our Vision

We aim to become one of the leaders in providing the most helpful job search, recruitment and networking platform worldwide.

Our Mission

Create a win-win situation where employers don’t pay a fortune for quality candidates and job seekers can easily find a job. or To create a friendly community for jobseekers and recruiters to have beside them.

Our Company Values

We’re small enough to care but big enough to create an impact. Our passion, enthusiasm and integrity dictate us to be honest, transparent and helpful in all that we do.

Why Use Us

It’s time to embrace technology and save time and money rather than using the traditional recruitment agencies and jobsites.

We work to bring the positives of both jobsites and recruitment agencies together, all while eliminating the negatives. If that isn’t reason enough to use us, I don’t know what is!

On top of that, we’re the only job board in the UK that will send your CV to recruiters and literally apply for you…it’s in the name!


Looking for Work?

Search easily and get guidance from our experts and the community. Or simply, sit back and let us do the search for you.

Looking to Network?

Join our community to exchange ideas, tips and problems and to network with professionals of your industry.

Looking to Recruit?

Search for CVs instantly, advertise jobs, get pre-screened candidates and so much more!

Are you?

Tired of Searching?
Getting Beaten by Your Competitors?
Paying Huge Fees?
Feeling You Deserve More?
in Need of a Helping Hand?

Well, You’re In Good Hands


With our CV database and our trusted partners, with a single post, you can reach thousands of candidates, employers or even gigs


There’s only one thing more precious than your time and that’s how you spend it. At Apply4U, avoid the noise and get relevant results instantly!


Become a member of our community to get news and tips from industry professionals and be a part of our Gig Economy.

Low Costs

At Apply4U, there are no placement fees. We operate as an agency but charge as a job portal!


We will never leave you high and dry. With the support of our HumaTec, we can guarantee volume, speed, quality and relevance for the results of your searches.


Get as little or as much help as you want discreetly and personalised with the ability to customise your email alerts, edit your profile and customise our services.

Our Partners

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Here are our trusted partners that have helped the Apply4U platform come to life.

Total Jobs

Who Trusts Us

Since 2007, Apply4U has become the trusted recruitment partner to UK’s leading Employers and Recruitment Agencies. Having been recognised and awarded for recruitment expertise across several sectors, we thank you all for your support, trust and friendship.

A star Teachers
Key Skills Education
Now Education
all Top Bananas
Harrison Recruitment
Aspire People
Yorkshire Education
Secure Healthcare Solutions
Reeson Education

Trusted by Our Users

The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share some of our favourite success stories from trusted individuals, employers, recruitment agencies & users of Apply4U.

Work For Us

Our people are our most valuable assets. Our success starts with your success!

Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Interested in joining the family?

Apply4U Recruitment Award

  • The gold award for national job boards 2013/2014
  • Silver for admin & secretarial recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for education recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for energy recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for executive search recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for hospitality & catering recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for medical, health & social care recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for pharmaceuticals recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for public sector & government recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for retail recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for scientific recruitment 2013/14 sector
  • Silver for security recruitment 2013/14 sector
Apply4U Awards

Every year, alongside campaigning & fundraising, we donate 2.5% of our profit towards good causes and reputable charities. Last year we choose The East Africa Appeal; a form of an international relief and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people. As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, they promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

Thank you for using which has enabled us to support such a worthy cause. I once read, “Whoever saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” Thank you for helping us raise money to donate towards worthy causes. May our success continue, so we can give back even more!

comic relief
weare bbc
islamic relief
red cross
penny appeal

Economy Tribune, a magazine that offers B2B national and international company news, named us: "The future of professional Recruitment - has revolutionised the way of recruiting qualified candidates for its customers." and also recognised as a place where “both job seekers and employers can connect directly with each other”.


Welcome to The Helpful Foundation, a charitable project by Apply4U.

At the core of Apply4U’s values is being helpful. This is not only to help within the recruitment market but also charity work wherever we can help the most.

Every year, alongside campaigning & fundraising, we donate at least 2.5% of our profits towards good causes and charitable work.

For years, we had been giving to reputable charities but couldn’t see any signs of positive change from the money that we’d donated nor did we ever feel the emotional impact of helping someone through our donations.

This made us think, how could we make an appreciable difference?

That’s what inspired “The Helpful Foundation”, a non-profit organization started by Apply4U working towards alleviating the poverty crisis in Pakistan & helping those long-term unemployed back into work in the UK.

We’ve already helped 1000+ families living in poverty through our ration bag project, providing monthly food rations of the most basic necessities that some can’t access themselves and our clean water project, setting up RO water filtration plants where clean drinking water is not abundantly available.

We’re hoping to continue these efforts and welcome your donations and ongoing support.

Donate here

Our ambition to do good for others and to be HELPFUL is a core value of our company, allowing us to connect with our communities and give something back.

Join us on this journey - if you know anyone that needs our help in getting back into work or you’ve just visited someone / somewhere that could do with our help, we would love to hear from you or them. Read out more about our poroject.

Learn more about what we do and find out how you can get involved by clicking Gofundme.

How It Works?

How it works

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Our Community

Our Technology

Our Technology

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