Your Job Search

Are you searching for your dream job?

Did you know that the entire hiring process takes roughly 23 days?

One of the hardest things that most of us have to do is choosing a career. Even though it can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming, at the same time. Some people seem to know exactly what they were born to do. For others, it can take longer to know which direction to turn to. When searching for a job, always keep in mind the following core factors.

Your Happiness:

Remember that happiness is a direction, not a place.We didn’t mean to make this sound cheesy, however, the number one thing you should consider when searching for a job is, in fact, your own happiness.

Don’t be pressured into becoming an accountant if you can’t stand math or you hate numbers! Same way you shouldn’t feel compelled in becoming a Chef when you know you have a nasty habit of setting your kitchen on fire!

You shouldn’t go towards a job that you have absolutely no interest in or you just think it’s the right thing to do. Instead, pursue something you’re truly interested in.

Your Social Environment:

For example, if you’re a people person then you’ll want to consider this about the social environment in which you’ll be working. While there are those who may be comfortable at a desk job, a social individual like you may want to work in a setting that offers more stimulation. In a nutshell, you may want to choose a career that fits your social needs.

How do you like to work?

Do you have a unique work style? For example:

  1. Do you enjoy deadlines and structure?
  2. Or do you prefer to thrive with little guidance or management?
  3. Are you a risk taker or do you prefer rules?

Once you identify your own style, you will be able to have chemistry with others around you in your workplace as well as be able to recognise your own ability and talent.

Your Priorities:

As you think about your future career you should make a list of your top priorities.

  1. How will you achieve a work-life balance?
  2. What’s most important to you, having kids?
  3. Enjoying home cooked meals? Or are you more driven by the idea of career success and industry?

Before pursuing a career path, figure out what your priorities are as it could save you a lot of time and money in the future!