Posting Jobs

Posting Jobs

This Free Job Description Template is available for you to use free of charge. Simply copy and paste the below Job Description Template into a word document, follow our guidelines and amend it to add your own job information. You’re then ready to advertise it and attract the job seekers you REALLY want.

Job Description Template starts below;

Job Title:

Recruitment Consultant (Oil & Gas)

Location: London, UK

Salary: £20,000-25,000 per annum

Company Name:


Job type: full-time

Date Posted: 5 th June 2013

Reference number: this field will contain a unique number for your job advert

Job Description:

  1. Introduction: small description about your Company, culture and value
  2. Key skills: bullet point structured and have a maximum of 5 key skills
  3. The ideal candidate: brief description of the ideal candidate in your vision.
  4. Requirements: bullet point structured and clear
  5. Salary Package: sell on package and benefits, not just salary
  6. Last sentence: short, concise, like an invitation to apply.

The above Job Description Template is provided free of charge by and available for all to use as a general Job Description Template. However, we do suggest you add specific sections and information based upon your industry and specialism. If you need some help writing your Job Description read the tips we have provided below or try out our Professional Job Description Writing Service.

Job Description Writing Tips

Worried about the quality of the candidates that respond to your job advert? Is your job advert the problem? Maybe... Let’s see. Follow these 3 simple steps to write a successful job description, enticing candidates to apply.

Step 1: The Beginning

The start of any project or article can be confusing and a little bit demanding. You have all those ideas and you just want to write them all into one sentence and be done with it. Well that’s the thing when it comes to job adverts, you can’t quite do that because:

  1. It’s not professional ... at all I might add!
  2. You are going to give yourself a pretty bad reputation
  3. The quality of your future candidates depends on it!

I think those 3 reasons are enough, so let’s get started, shall we?

Step 2: Breakdown

You can’t just take a pen and paper and start writing about your dream candidate and what they should be like. It’s not only boring but it doesn’t make any sense. You have to have some structure!

First things first, you have to breakdown the sections of the Job Advert so it looks like a form where you have to fill in the blanks. It will be much easier this way. For example you are going to have:

  1. Job Title:

    The ‘Job Title’ may look insignificant and dull, but it’s actually the main thing that will or will not attract your desired candidate.

    For example if you are looking for let’s say a PA, we both know what that means but does the candidate search for that or will they be searching for ‘Personal Assistant / Administrator’. What you write and what candidates are searching for must match, it’s that simple!


    See that ‘insignificant’ difference? That’s one of the reasons why some companies have the top candidates and others just can’t seem to find them.

    After ‘Job title’ you can insert the following fields:

    • Location: Liverpool Street, London, postcode (be specific but include what location you think they will search)
    • Salary: give a range and mention benefits also
  2. Job Description:

    2.1 Introduction:

    Here you can brag about your awards and how wonderful your business is. It’s your time to shine and to show everyone your culture & values. BUT you have to be careful. Only a few lines are enough, you have to let the candidate do the research; in this way you can see how interested he or she is

    Also here you can add information about the:

    • Location
    • Industry, sector
    • Objectives, goals

    2.2 Key skills:

    Here you can insert those mandatory skills that the candidate MUST have. For example:

    • Excellent sales skills
    • Qualifications in...
    • Ability to think on your feet
    • Ambitious & goal oriented
    • Advance computer literacy
    • ...

    2.3 The ideal candidate:

    In this section you can write a brief description about your ideal candidate. Just a quick and simple description is enough.

    Here you can talk about:

    • Career level
    • Years of experience
    • People skills
    • Communication skills
    • Start date, availability, ASAP, etc.

    Also you can add interpersonal skills or characteristics depending on your role type and requirements:

    • Self - motivated, enthusiastic, confident, multi-tasking, organised, attention to details, etc.

    2.4 Requirements:

    Key duties & responsibilities:

    • New business development
    • Account managing
    • ...

    Essential skills:

    • Excellent sales skills
    • Qualifications
    • Ability to think on your feet
    • Ambitious & goal oriented
    • Advance computer literacy
    • ...

    Preferred skills:

    • Prior experience in Marketing/Sales
    • Graduate
    • Languages: german speaker,
    • Ambitious & goal oriented
    • ...

    2.5 Benefits Package:

    One of the things most employers forget to mention is about their benefits package. If you look at most of the job adverts you will see only what the employers want, they want experience, these skills and those abilities and those requirements and so on, but the most important thing in order to attract the candidates is how are you recognising his/her value.

    If you want to have the best candidates you have to give something in return. It’s like the saying goes ‘What you give is what you get’. If you give a lot you will receive 100% productivity from your current and future employees.

    Why not talk about …

    • Salary
    • Benefits
    • Working hours
    • Commission structure (if that’s the case)
    • Career opportunities
    • Working environment
    • Team building events
    • Training
    • Flexible hours
    • ... anything that stands out
  3. Last sentence:

    Last but not least you have to close with a dynamic and inviting sentence. Something like:

    • ‘If you think you are suitable for this position just click Apply and we will get back to you as soon as possible’
    • ‘You’re our ideal candidate? Where have you been! We were expecting you. Just Apply and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible’
    • ‘Did you like what you read? If you think this is the right role for you just send us your CV and we will get back to you’

Step 3: Review

Once you finished filling out each section evaluate & check to see if you have everything there. Make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

All good? OK. Now read it again but this time put yourself in the shoes of the candidate, read it from an employee’s perspective. Focus on the requirements and salary package. What do you think? Do you still like it or is it not appealing enough? Would you apply for it?

Ask yourself those questions before you submit your job advert and don’t forget to add your logo, after all it’s your brand in one image, it’s what represents you.

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