The povety situation across the globe is worrying and we all must do what we can to help! Especially where support is unavailable like the COVID situation in Pakistan which is horrifying. There are so many deaths and it is also heart wrenching to think that many young children are taking on low paying jobs just to provide for them and their family. These children are robbed of their childhoods when they need it most. They are denied their right to education which would set them up for success in the future... but instead they are forced into adulthood.

As mentioned in our latest YouTube video the pandemic has majorly impacted Pakistan and the number of families living in poverty including those whose lives have been negatively impacted by the loss of a love one.


The Helpful Foundation is a non-profit organisation started by Apply4U working towards ending the poverty crisis in Pakistan & helping those long term unemployed back into work in the UK. 

Pakistan is very dear to us. We have many members of the team working out of Pakistan. We’re committed to the country, and we’re building something truly great together. This isn’t the first charity work our company has done and it won’t be the last. Our ambition to do good for others and to be HELPFUL is a core value of our company, allowing us to connect with our communities. 

100% of the donations received go directly to the families and we have a 100% transparency policy, meaning you can even give directly to those in need or watch the money or items exchange hands right infront of your screen. 

While some organisations take a small percentage of the donations for administration purposes, we make sure every pound donated gets to the families in need. If requested by you, our team on the ground will send a video from the families to see how your donation has helped. 

The Ration Bag Project 

We send out food ration bags monthly to the underprivileged and give it to families we know are in much need. They're vetted by our team on the ground i.e. ID, Family and relatives, household situation so we can assure you these ration bag donations aren’t just going to anyone. 

We buy main food staples to put in each bag and the contents of the ration bags include:

•    Sugar

•    Rice 

•    1kg Oil

•    1kg sugar

•    1kg Flour 

•    Soap

•    Wheat

•    Washing powder

•    Vermicelli

•    Dates

•    Tea

•    500g pulses

We started off with 20 bags delivered per month. Now we deliver 100 bags per month to the most underprivileged families every month. It is amazing to think about how many more families we could help with the support of the community. 

This project isn’t just exclusive to Pakistan it also includes the UK as well. In fact in 2017, when tragedy struck the Grenfell tower we also contributed with food ration bags to Grenfell to help support the families impacted by it. We are much more than a job-creation machine. We are about making the world a better place and make an impact on the lives of people around the world. 

The Water Filter Project 

In many countries, clean water is scarce. There is a large number of people who don’t have access to clean water sources. In its recent report, World Bank revealed that 64 per cent of Pakistanis are still deprived of their access to safe and clean drinking water in the country. That means that the most basic human rights like drinking water, are out of reach.

To tackle this issue, we created the ‘The Water filter project’ to help deprived areas that don’t have a clean water supply. Inadequate quantity and quality of potable water and poor sanitation facilities and practices are associated with a host of illnesses. Water filtration plants cost around £2,000 to  £9,000 and so far we have donated 2 water filtration plants and changed the life of many people in need. 

The Back to Work Project

We speak to jobseekers that call in everyday and empathise with all of those that are out of work so try to support however we can. For those that need that extra support but don’t have the resources available to pay for our coaching, we offer our premium package for free so they can get back to work. This is our main ongoing charity project based out of the UK. 

The Helpful Projects

Our support and efforts to help those in need doesn’t end here. We know that everyone has different needs and things that will set them down a path of growth. We are passionate about changing the broken system of people living below the poverty line. Depending on the person and their situation we’ve helped individuals and families by paying for their medical bills, funding marriage expenses and buying food stalls so that people can start to support themselves.  


Invariably, we will have some people right now thinking ‘What about this? What about that? How do we know where every penny of this donation is going? If you did Z, maybe I would donate...’.

We want to appeal to those who believe and can make a donation toward this cause today...a tiny amount can change someone’s life. We know you are probably thinking ‘This is a cliché... I’ve heard it time and again’... but all help is appreciated. Sometimes the best way you can help is by telling others about our mission and spreading the word with your network.

Join the social change challenge and support the Helpful Foundation today! Make a difference in the life of a child by providing food, medicine, and education to those less fortunate.

Please consider donating through Gofundme today and if you let me know once done we’ll be happy to let you know exactly where your money has gone. 

If you want to see a bit more then have a look through here to see our video on the Helpful Foundation, a charitable project by Apply4U.

Please leave your comments & suggestions below or get in touch with the team on 0300 303 1663 | 020 3994 5533.

Thanks for reading and for your support,

Kind Regards,

Irfaan Hussain

CEO / Founder

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