Recruitment industry facts & how helps you (employers) with your Recruitment?

Fact 1
apply4U:Access a Larger Audience of Active & Passive Job seekers

“In2013, 67% of unemployed & 28% of employed adults had looked for a job or submitted a job application online.”*ONS

Fact 2:
apply4U:Improve your Employer Brand

“Positioning as an employer of choice plays an important role in attracting the best talent. One of the most popular approaches to improving employer brand was developing online career sites & exposure.” *CIPD

Fact 3:
apply4U:Contact Job Seekers Directly

“69% of organisations conduct recruitment activity in-house and 28% combine in-house and outsourcing approaches. 38% have reduced their spending on recruitment agencies while 35% have increased their spend on online job boards.” *CIPD

Fact 4:
apply4U:Better Quality CVs and Job seekers

“Since implementing online social recruiting, 49% of organisations say the quality of candidates has improved.” *Jobvite

Fact 5:
apply4U:Be spoke CV Search through Recruitment Experts that find Candidates for you and Recommend CVs that are Relevant

“In2012, 82% of organisations that had vacancies to fill experienced recruitment difficulties.” *CIPD

Fact 6:
apply4U:Pre-Screened Candidates Available Online

“One of the main reason 27% of organisations increased their spend with recruitment agencies is because they help lessen the amount of applicants you need to screen through, by providing you only the best available.” *CIPD

Fact 7:
apply4U:Helpful Recruitment to Save you Time, Effort & Money

“Organisations struggle with the shortage of key skills (61%) and identifying top talent (46%)” *Jobvite Aberdeen group

Fact 8:
apply4U:Access both Active & Passive Job seekers

“75% of the workforce is comprised of job seekers and 69% of the employed a reactively seeking or open to a new job.” *Jobvite Active meaning job seekers currently looking for a job and passive meaning employed but open to a new job.

Fact 9:
apply4U:Reactive& Proactive Workflows

“Reactive means waiting for job seekers to search and find you, whereas Proactive means to search and find potential job seekers. A combination of the two tends to work best.”

Fact 10:
Apply4U encourages Reactive and Proactive Workflows

UK businesses spend £2.6 billion on external recruitment each year, but76% of business owners and HR staff felt that they were not getting value for money at a median average cost per hire of £5,500 in 2012.*CIPD