Remember your grammar!

Your posts doesn’t have to be perfect, however we expect you to try and to be careful at the formulation. NO slang accepted!


Respect other members and users!

We encourage healthy and creative discussion about the workplace, any malicious and personal attacks at other members will be punished.


Mind your language!?

Any kind of aggressive, discriminatory or obscene language use will result with the ban of the user or member.


Tell it like it is … not a fairy-tale!

Please don’t exaggerate or ‘fill in’ some events, just tell them like it is. Your opinion counts for us, but only the real one!


Balance is the key!

You have the opportunity to write reviews, but keep it balanced. We believe that there is good and bad in both people and companies. Please don’t forget to put the pros next to the cons and the cons next to the pros, if that’s the case. Any reviews that will not respect this rule will not be approved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and for putting the rules and regulations into practice. Remember, if you respect us, we will respect you as a valuable member of our community!