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If you had a look in the history books, you may discover that the North East was a trove of Hollywood stars, wild west cowboys and famous philosophers who all had their roots right here in North East England. Liam Neeson, who has starred in Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Batman Begins and Taken, attended College located in North East England. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s connection to the North East goes back to the late 1960s when he lived and worked out in a Newcastle gym.

But what’s more, Tourists from far and wide flock to this part of England every year to see well-known landmarks and areas and of course most importantly, to see the likes of Cheryl Cole, Ant & Dec and Vicky Pattison who are all from the North East!

Now enough with the celebrities! 

Let’s see the type of jobs that are available for you in the North East!

Did you know that there are jobs in County Durham with an average salary of  £22,209? The most well-received careers in Durham are Teaching AssistantPrimary School Teacher, and Design Engineer which pay between £14,524 and £32,000 annually. 

The most in-demand industries in Durham are EducationConstruction, and Information Technology (IT) Services along with popular employers such as Durham County Council and the NHS. 

Also, jobs in Darlington, have an average wage of £22,033 along with vacancies that have roles such as a Teaching AssistantProject Engineer, and Operations Director which pay between £13,481 and £53,140 per year. 

There are industries that are known to be quite approved such as  Manufacturing, IT Services, and Education. Employers including Cummins, Inc., Atos Origin, and Capita Hartshead are known to be popular when it comes down to hiring job seekers. 

And I’m not done yet!

As there are jobs in Hartlepool that make an average salary of £21,171 with in-demand career opportunities such as  Teaching AssistantDesign Engineer, and Training Manager which pay between £12,372 and £29,365 per year. 

Some popular Hartlepool industries include Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, and Education. Some popular Hartlepool employers include EDF Energy.

With an average salary of £22,960, jobs in Middlesbrough include roles such as Teaching Assistant Project Engineer and operations manager which pay between £12,486 and £31,971 annually. 

The most popular industries in Middlesbrough are Education, Manufacturing, and Engineering Services along with employers such as South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, Middlesbrough Council, and Johnson Matthey Inc.

Hang on because I’m not finished yet as jobs in Northumberland pay their employees an annual wage of £18,520. Salaries at Northumberland range from an average of £11,436 to £29,991 a year. 

People in Northumberland who work as a Civil Engineer make the most money as their annual salary is £31,900. 

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