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“She was alright when she left Belfast”. These words still radiate today in Northern Ireland. You must be wondering who is “she”, and in simple words, I'm talking about the Titanic. But I’m sure you have watched the film ‘Titanic’; it was ranked one of the most successful films in the history of cinema. Do you remember in one scene when Tommy mentioned to Jack Dawson that the Titanic is “Solid as a rock, built by big Irish hands”? Well, what Tommy said was absolutely true! The Titanic was built in Northern Ireland!

Besides being the home of Titanic, Chinese is the most widely spoken minority language in Northern Ireland along with the fact that it rains 157 days a year, which is less than Scotland.

Now, here’s the interesting part.

Were you informed that jobs in Belfast include an average salary of £24,567? The most sought-after career opportunities are Software DeveloperCivil Engineer and Software Engineer which pay between £26,610 and £29,129 per year. If you are looking for jobs in Belfast, you may want to take a look at its popular industries. These are Software DevelopmentConstruction and Financial services along with well-known employers such as Citibank, Allstate and Citigroup, Inc. 

Furthermore, jobs in Derry, include an average salary of £35,730. Most popular industries are Healthcare & Nursing and IT jobs and, in case you want to start applying now, the top companies currently hiring that you may want to check out, are Four Seasons Healthcare, Kofax, G4S, Tutorful.

And that’s not all . . .

There are also jobs in Craigavon with an average annual pay between £21,113 and £21,798 as well as jobs in Bangor with an average income of £17,393. The most common careers in Bangor are Office Manager, Storeman/Storewoman, and Production Operator which pay between £16,500 and £21,980 per year. Some popular Bangor industries include Retail and Manufacturing coupled with employers such as the 3M company. 

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