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Isn't it crazy that the people from the East Midlands are known to be very grounded people? I say it’s crazy because it comes as a little surprise as well as a  coincidence, that Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity was also a Midlander so he was definitely a grounded person! Get it? What’s more, the East Midlands is traditionally recognised for manufacturing within sub-sectors like Transport Equipment and FMCGs which have become more productive at a national level. 

And that’s not all . . .

The East Midlands has the three major cities of DerbyshireLeicestershireNottinghamshire and their surrounding areas whereby half the population, as well as  48% of businesses,  are located in these city areas.

Also, the East Midlands has around 173,000 VAT registered businesses as well as having career opportunities in the production sector. Job roles in construction and manufacturing account for the large input of the East Midlands economy, with 12% and 7.5% of the business stock compared to 11.8% and 5.7% of the UK average. 

However, it doesn’t end there. 

Jobs in Derby have the highest salary in the East Midlands with an average pay of  £22,667. Also, jobs in Leicester pay an average income of £23,422 as well as having popular occupations such as a teaching assistant role (£9K- £ 16K), Graphic design (£14K, £26K), Operations manager (£24K - £57K), Account manager (£17K- £34K), Office Administrator (£11K- £21K), Design Engineer (£18K- £38K), Software Engineer (£23K- £41K). 

But wait there’s more. 

There are certain jobs in Lincolnshire that have high in demand jobs such as Teacher assistant (£9K - £18K), Mechanical Engineer (£22K - £43K), Accountant (£19K - £41K), Registered Nurse (£15K - £31K) and Software Developer (£19K- £41K). The average salary in Lincolnshire is £22, 433.

Having said that, there are jobs in Nottingham with an average annual wage of £24,506. Also, sought-over jobs in Nottinghamshire are Teacher assistant (£10K - £18k), Software Developer (£20K - £42K) and Project Manager (£22K - £53K). 

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