Fact 1
Using Apply4U you can Access More Employers and Jobs Today

“38%have reduced their spend on recruitment agencies while 35% have increased their spend on online job sites.” *CIPD

Fact 2:
Apply4U provides the Fastest Application Speed – 1 Click Apply with Default CV

“In 2013, 67% of unemployed & 28% of employed adults had looked for a job or submitted a job application online.” *ONS

Fact 3:
If you think you have the skills then why wait for employers to contact you? With Apply4U you can Contact Employers Directly & Apply Online

“61% of organisations are struggling with shortage of key skills and 46% at identifying top talent.” *Jobvite Aberdeen group

Fact 4:
Apply4U encourages Employers to give Applications Feedback within 7 days

“32% of applicants were frustrated by the lack of response to their application.” *Google consumer survey

Fact 5:
Peak to our Recruitment Experts for Job Search Help and Guidance available via Telephone, Email and Face to Face

“61% of job seekers say finding a job’s gotten harder in the past year.”*Jobvite

Fact 6:
Bespoke Job Search by Recruitment Experts who will Job Search for You and Recommend Jobs that are Relevant

“33% of job seekers are less optimistic about finding the right job.”*Jobvite

Fact 7:
Our experts Pre-Screen candidates to ensure Suitability for the Employer

“27% of organisations increased their spend with recruitment agencies because they help lessen the amount of applicants they need to screen through.” *CIPD

Fact 8:
Employed? You can now Job Search Discreetly & Anonymously (Reveal as much or as little as you like and control who can download your CV)

“75% of the workforce is comprised of job seekers and 69% of the employed are actively seeking or open to a new job.” *CIPD

Fact 9:
Recruitment Experts Job Search for you Saving you the Time & Energy

“36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain access the internet every day.”*ONS Would you rather be doing something else rather than job searching online?

Fact 10:
Apply4U encourages Reactive and Proactive Workflows

“Reactive means waiting for employers to search and find you, whereas Proactive means to search and find potential employers. A combination of the two tends to work best.”

Fact 11:
Using Apply4U means a Lower Cost to your new Employer

“UK businesses spend £2.6 billion on external recruitment each year, but 76% of business owners and HR staff felt that they were not getting value for money at a median average cost per hire of £5,500 in 2012.” *CIPD