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Getting Started With Apply4U

Free CV Review

Getting noticed is the hardest part of applying for jobs, this is why we offer Free CV Review when you create your account. Get your CV professionally reviewed and increase your chances of booking an interview.

CV Distribution

Opt-in for this option upon registration or through your profile, and we will distribute your CV to the job boards of your choice to increase your chances of getting spotted by a recruiter or direct employer.

CV & Profile Review Call

Set up and polish your profile with the help of a qualified professional to stand out from the crowd. The best first impression you can give any employer is an impressive online Professional Profile or CV

Matching Jobs

Set up instant notifications of jobs matching your criteria to always be the first to apply and get to the top of every recruiter’s contact list.

Career Advice Call

If you know where you want to take your career, but you don’t know how to get there, speak to our consultants so they can guide you.

Verification & Screening Call

The importance of verifying your profile may not seem important but to a recruiter or a hiring manager it means the difference between security or taking a risk. Get verified and significantly increase your interviews.

Tailored Job Searches & Recommendations

You don't always have to job search alone, let our consultants help you. Our consultants work closely with recruiters and direct employers and they know where the next opportunity is.

Video Introduction

A CV is no longer enough to show your full experience. Video Introduction is designed for you to highlight your professional achievements and strengths.

Free Interview Prep & Mock Interview Video Practice

Our Video Introduction works in two ways, as the title suggests. It's a video introduction of your profile, better than any CV, and it's a practice interview with instant feedback that you can use.

Unlimited Connections and Messages

Networking is key for career progression. This is why we have made our networking features free and unlimited

Featured Profile

Sometimes it's hard to get noticed amongst the millions, but that doesn't have to be the case when your profile is featured. Be top of the results in every search and increase your chances to be noticed.

Soft Skills Full Report Download

Do you struggle with questions like "How do others describe you" or "What is your biggest weakness"? Then this one is for you. Get a professionally analysed report about your strengths, weaknesses and habits.

CV Blast to Relevant Employers

As mentioned before, Apply4U is designed to help you, the jobseeker. With this feature, your profile is guaranteed to make it to the top of the list of every relevant hiring company.

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