Keep organised!

Don't allow yourself to be caught on the hop. If you're not able to take some quiet time when they call then set a time for the interview to take place. You have to be a bit more organised about the telephone interview because it's on your home turf. Make sure you won't be interrupted and be sure to charge your phone in advance. Keep a copy of your CV by the phone and all the other relevant information you might need and If you don't have a CV then click here to start with our free CV template. Prepare and compose yourself in advance. If you sound confused and disorganized you might not get a second chance.

Research pays off!

You should have some information from the prospective employer about the role and company. Think about answers you might give to their questions, particularly with regard to competency-based questions, find some free Interview questions & good answers here. Do your research and prepare some questions to ask them exactly as you would for a regular interview.

Phone interviews. We've all heard of them and some of us prefer it over the traditional face to face interview. However, many do make mistakes when doing their phone interview. Read our 4 tips to ace them!

Smile away to keep the stress at bay

Smile when you talk on the telephone. You'll be more relaxed, you'll sound more confident and assertive. Seriously think about using a headset for telephone interviews. Apart from the fact that it will make it much easier to take notes, you'll be able to concentrate on the conversation rather than on balancing the phone between shoulder and ear while you search for a pen.

Short but successful

In all other respects treat the interview as you would a one to one but remember that time tends to be limited for a phone interview. It's a good idea to ask at the start, if not before the interview, about the structure or sequence of the interview process so you know what to expect. If part of the process is going to be that you are offered a choice of topics to brainstorm you don't want to be taken by surprise. Get yourself prepared with these interview tips.