I know this is difficult normally and lockdown isn’t helping but being healthy means mentally too.

It’s normal to stay positive because most people don’t stop and think about what they can do to stay positive, it’s not something people think about because they’re too busy getting on with work that needs to be done.

Regardless, I'm here to remind you to stay positive and will show you how to do just that in 3 simple steps. So, let’s get started!


If you have a job it means you have a routine, you may not have consciously chosen it but it’s there and it should sound a little something like this: wake up early, get ready, commute to work, finish work, commute home, have food, social media / TV, get ready for bed, sleep repeat.

Now that you don’t necessarily HAVE to do steps 1-3, you’re already thrown out of balance and your body doesn’t know when the day begins or ends. Yes, our bodies work like this.

The simplest thing you can do here is to keep that routine, wake up early, get ready, go on a walk for commute time and keep the rest of your day the same. Sounds too simple to work, but it works.

Also, don’t be tempted to hit that snooze button, it’s the start of a downward spiral you don’t want.

Targets & Checklist

Do you know how much work you do daily?

For those working in an office, it’s always really hard to tell how much work you’ve done because it’s all on the computer and you never keep track and the end of the day comes and you don’t feel fulfilled.

My favorite thing to do is to keep a checklist so that 1) I know what I’m doing today and stay organised 2) I know exactly how much I’ve done and can look back at the end of the day and know if I feel I’ve done enough or not.

My checklist today looks a little something like this

-         Wellbeing blog

-         Positive mindset blog

-         Life and work balance blog

-         Lockdown Friday mailer

-         Redesign homepage and send for feedback

-         Redesign site search bar for better UX and send for feedback

-         Create ROT social, poster, and stories templates 

-         Update everyone on their tasks for AL week

Ticking these off will feel AMAZING


This may sound childish but rewarding yourself for a job well done is something all adults should do, it’s not just for children and it’s a great excuse to do something nice for yourself without feeling guilty.

I use rewards to discipline myself and get work done. Mind you I must practice my self-restraint because nothing is stopping me from claiming that reward without doing any work. 


Rewarding myself AFTER I’ve done the set tasks in place feels so much better and I end up doing a lot more work! Today's reward is some cheesy pasta and my weekly comic reading. I can’t wait!!!

Well, that’s about it from me, I hope you will take on board at least one of the above things, I do all 3 and it’s getting me feeling so good and definitely on the positive side because I feel fulfilled and organised and I’m always doing something!

Remember to check out our original blog on Working From Home And Mental Health it has all of our planned posts this month designed to help you this lockdown!

Post written by Manar Muflahi

Photo by cotton bra from Pexels

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