The great thing about zoom interviews is at least you can do them in the comfort of your own home, right? Don’t be fooled though they are still just as serious as a face to face interview, which is why I’m here to tell you how to make the best of this unique situation and get that job.


You should prepare the perfect location and the key things you should have is some light coming in that you can face towards and setting up a distraction free area, so this might involve finding a room in your home where it is quiet and nobody will be able to disrupt your interview.


Most importantly is you. Things you should consider doing before your interview is doing a trial run to ensure there won’t be any technical difficulties, make sure you have a good camera angle especially if you’re using your phone for the interview and double check the date and time zone to ensure punctuality on the day. 


 Doing some research is also essential to help you find out more about the company and it can give you ideas of what sort of questions you can ask your interviewer, finding common questions can be beneficial to feel ready for some of the questions the interview may throw at you.  It can be helpful to have the website open during your interview as if you’re asked questions relating to the website it can be good to have that as a visual aid.

Dress to impress 

When choosing an interview outfit , to give the right impression make sure it is well ironed and no that doesn’t mean wearing  a brand new set of pyjamas. To ensure you look professional dress as you usually would in an in person interview.  

Body Language

It is important to show good body language and posture too especially since the interview will definitely pick this up through the camera so just remember so slouching. It can be very stressful thinking about all the things that could go wrong in an interview, even a zoom one so just relax and don’t stress too much about making eye contact with the camera.

Thanks for reading on How to Ace Your Zoom Interview. I hope they help you get that dream job and if it did let us know in the comments. Why not try reading How To Ace A Phone Interview here.

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