Have you ever wondered what it might be like the day that you get that little blue tick on your social media profile? Maybe you’ll feel like a bit of a celebrity, with verification and screening you can be a celebrity of the job world. 

But wait...

 What is Apply4u’s verification and screening really?


This is a way for companies that are hiring to confirm the accuracy of the information provided on your CV and profile. It will mean that clients are more willing and interested to give you a call!


Our screening will be a quick call to make sure that whenever a client looks at your profile they know exactly what you’re looking for, what you’ve achieved and how you come across.  

A 15-minute process

You’ll speak to a recruitment expert and they’ll take steps (with your permission) to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Along with verification they will screen your profile too to make sure it is as good as it can be and that you can have a profile that you can be proud of. This means when employers look at your profile they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.  

Levels of hiring satisfaction

According to a report on hiring assessments recruiting managers have 36% more satisfaction with their final decision by using pre hire assessments as part of the recruitment process.

Exclusive to you 

Verification and screening is one of the exclusive features you can get access to from our standard package find out more about this page here.

How to get hired faster?

•    Stand out from the crowd

•    Only exclusive to our standard, enhanced and premium package users

•    Get your profile verified and screened by an expert 

Is your profile verified? To make sure your profile is red carpet material in the eyes of employers speak to one of our job experts today.

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