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Recruitment Advice

EMPLOYER: Recruitment Advice Page

Your Jobs

Job adverts can be quite tricky, but are the most important asset you have in attracting the right talent to your jobs.

Free Job Description Template

This Free Job Description Template is available for you to use free of charge. Simply copy and paste the below Job Description Template into a word document, follow our guidelines and amend it to add your own job information. That’s it you’re then ready to advertise it and attract the job seekers you REALLY want.

Job Description Template starts below;


Job Title: Recruitment Consultant (Oil & Gas)

Location: London, UK

Salary: £20,000-25,000 per annum

Company Name: APPLY4U

Job type: full-time

Date Posted: 5thJune 2013

Reference number: this field will contain a unique number for your job advert

Job Description:

  1. Introduction: small description about your Company, culture and value

  2. Key skills: bullet point structured and have a maximum of 5 key skills

  3. The ideal candidate: brief description of the ideal candidate in your vision.

  4. Requirements: bullet point structured and clear

  5. Salary Package: sell on package and benefits, not just salary

  6. Last sentence: short, concise, like an invitation to apply.

>>>> Apply


The above Job Description Template is provided free of change by and available for all to use as a general Job Description Template. However, we do suggest you add specific sections and information based upon your industry and specialism.

If you need some help writing your Job Description visit our Free Job Description Writing Tips section or maybe our Professional Job Description Writing Service.

Job Description Writing Tips

Worried about the quality of the candidates that respond to your job advert? Is your job advert the problem? Maybe... Let’s see. Follow these 3 simple steps to write a successful job description, enticing candidates to apply.

Step 1: The Beginning

The start of any project or article can be confusing and a little bit demanding. You have all those ideas and you just want to write them all into one sentence and be done with it. Well that’s the thing when it comes to job adverts, you can’t quite do that because:

  1. It’s not professional ... at all I might add!

  2. You are going to give yourself a pretty bad reputation

  3. The quality of your future candidates depends on it!

I think those 3 reasons are enough, so let’s get started shall we?

Step 2: Breakdown

You can’t just take a pen and paper and start writing about your dream candidate and what they should be like. It’s not only boring but it doesn’t make any sense. You have to have some structure!

First things first, you have to breakdown the sections of the Job Advert so it looks like a form where you have to fill in the blanks. It will be much easier this way. For example you are going to have:

  1. Job Title:

The ‘Job Title’ may look insignificant and dull, but it’s actually the main thing that will or will not attract your desired candidate.

For example if you are looking for let’s say a PA, we both know what that means but does the candidate search for that or will they be searching for ‘Personal Assistant / Administrator’. What you write and what candidates are searching for must match, it’s that simple!


See that ‘insignificant’ difference? That’s one of the reasons why some companies have the top candidates and others just can’t seem to find them.

After ‘Job title’ you can insert the following fields:

  • Location: Liverpool Street, London, postcode (be specific but include what location you think they will search)

  • Salary: give a range and mention benefits also

  1. Job Description:

2.1 Introduction:

Here you can brag about your awards and how wonderful your business is. It’s your time to shine and to show everyone your culture & values. BUT you have to be careful. Only a few lines are enough, you have to let the candidate do the research; in this way you can see how interested he or she is.

Also here you can add information about the:

  • Location

  • Industry, sector

  • Objectives, goals

2.2 Key skills:

Here you can insert those mandatory skills that the candidate MUST have. For example:

  • Excellent sales skills

  • Qualifications in...

  • Ability to think on your feet

  • Ambitious & goal oriented

  • Advance computer literacy

  • ...

2.3 The ideal candidate:

In this section you can write a brief description about your ideal candidate. Just a quick and simple description is enough.

Here you can talk about:

  • Career level

  • Years of experience

  • People skills

  • Communication skills

  • Start date, availability, ASAP, etc.

Also you can add interpersonal skills or characteristics depending on your role type and requirements:

  • Self - motivated, enthusiastic, confident, multi-tasking, organised, attention to details, etc.

2.4 Requirements:

In the ‘Requirements’ section you can list the main duties of the role and also the essential and preferred skills. To make it a lot easier you can just bullet point them, in this way it will be easier to make yourself understood. Below you can find an example that you can modify and adapt to your particular requirements.

Key duties & responsibilities:

  • New business development

  • Account managing

  • ...

Essential skills:

  • Excellent sales skills

  • Qualifications

  • Ability to think on your feet

  • Ambitious & goal oriented

  • Advance computer literacy

  • ...

Preferred skills:

  • Prior experience in Marketing/Sales

  • Graduate

  • Languages: german speaker,

  • ...

2.5 Benefits Package:

One of the things most of employers forget to mention is about their benefits package. If you look at most of the job adverts you will see only what the employers want, they want experience, these skills and those abilities and those requirements and so on, but the most important thing in order to attract the candidates is how are you recognising his/her value.

If you want to have the best candidates you have to give something in return. It’s like the saying goes ‘What you give is what you get’. If you give a lot you will receive 100% productivity from your current and future employees.

Why not talk about …

  • Salary

  • Benefits

  • Working hours

  • Commission structure (if that’s the case)

  • Career opportunities

  • Working environment

  • Team building events

  • Training

  • Flexible hours

  • ... anything that stands out

4. Last sentence:

Last but not least you have to close with a dynamic and inviting sentence. Something like:

  • If you think you are suitable for this position just click Apply and we will get back to you as soon as possible’

  • You’re our ideal candidate? Where have you been! We were expecting you. Just Apply and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible’

  • Did you like what you read? If you think this is the right role for you just send us your CV and we will get back to you’

Step 3: Review

Once you finished filling out each section evaluate & check to see if you have everything there. Make sure everything is where it’s supposes to be.

All good? OK. Now read it again but this time put yourself in the shoes of the candidate, read it from an employee’s perspective. Focus on the requirements and salary package. What do you think? Do you still like it or is it not appealing enough? Would you apply for it?

Ask yourself those questions before you submit your job advert and don’t forget to add your logo, after all it’s your brand in one image, it’s what represents you.

Professional Job Description Writing Services

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You don’t have experience in writing Job Adverts but you gave it a try anyway?

If you aren’t that sure or you don’t know exactly how to evaluate it or ... you just want to know the opinion of a fresh pairs of eyes ... you came to the right place.

Here at Apply4U we specialise in helping you when you need it.

If you want to get our professional job description review & optimisation service, just make a quick visit to our Services page and just follow the steps OR purchase a credit now for only £27. BUY NOW

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Do you want an excellent Job Description but you don’t have the time?

Or maybe you have the time but not the necessary patience and inspiration?

Simply call us when you’re available and give us the details in order to understand the position, your requirements, culture and value. The process is very simple; you provide us with the necessary information and we will write the job description from top to bottom, send you a draft to approve and afterwards finalise it.

For only £47 we can find the right keywords for you to get higher up in the search results and at the same time saving you the time, energy and stress.

If you want to have your job description professionally written, just make a quick visit to our Services page and just follow the steps OR purchase a credit now for only £47. Buy Now

Your Interviews

So you’ve got an amazing job advert and have shortlisted candidates waiting to be interviewed. What now?

Free Interview Questions to Ask

Hi there!

I guess you’re the one that’s in charge of hiring / recruitment. Welcome to our section of ‘Free Interview questions to ask’. Here you can see some interview questions and notes to help you with interviewing and deciding on the ideal candidate. Feel free to use them and if you like this article share it with you team, employees or maybe even your friends.

  1. 1. Tell me about yourself?

When you meet the candidate he/she can be a little bit nervous so you can start with something simple, general things about him/her. Just a small introduction should be enough; you don’t want to hear about his/hers whole life story, you just want to open up rapport and conversation.

  1. 2. Why did you apply for this job?

Here you can find out if he/she applied just because they need something to pay the bills or is the job they applied for part of their career plans.

  1. 3. What are your achievements?

A good candidate will talk about some significant things that he/she achieved during their work experiences, but an excellent candidate will have a concrete folder (list) full to the top of achievements not only in his/hers professional life, but in the personal life as well.

  1. 4. Tell me about your previous work experience?

This can be a tricky question. It can end quickly, it can take forever to finish or it can be a deal breaker. Most candidates will ‘enhance’ just a little bit their CV, but some of them have a real talent of writing fairy tales, if you know what I mean.

So you have to be very careful when it come to this part...

In line with (within) this question you can add the following:

  • What is/was your previous role?

  • Could you tell me a little bit about it?

  • What did you achieved there?

  • Why did you leave/got fired? What happened?

  1. 5. Why did you choose this career?

With this question you can distinguish the real career focused ones from the ‘it’s paying the bills’ ones. You can tell when someone is really passionate about his/her work from the ones who are looking for just another job that pays the bills.

  1. 6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is one that candidates are not big fans of. Because if you didn’t catch ‘the career focused’ ones in the previous question you can with this one. A real career – focused candidate will take you step-by-step through their plan to evolve and grow in the next few years.

If you are not sure and want to find out more add the next question: What about 10? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  1. 7. What are your hobbies & interests?

This question may seem unimportant but in reality is one of those helpful questions that give you an insight into ones personality. With this question you not only express interest in their lives, but you can also take a pick at their life’s schedule, how much time are they willing to spend at work, if they like to play sports then they are team players, if they are very passionate about something they can relate to the future colleagues, and so on.

  1. 8. What about your strength and weaknesses? What are they?

Here you can see if he/she is confident, strong and knows his/her limits. Powerful man/women know his/hers strengths & weaknesses, not like Achilles and look what happened to him.

  1. 9. Give an example of a situation where you were under pressure. How did you handle it?

You will find loads of candidates that will tell you that they work well under pressure and that they are excellent problem solvers and that they can stand on their own feet.

The real question is - Can they? Do they have a solid example of a situation that will explain and give substance to their statement?

By the details in their description you can figure out if it was something they just came up with to answer the question or if it was the real deal.

  1. 10. If you had to grade yourself between 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 the best, which grade, do you think you deserve?

This question is great for gaining control or respect back in your interview. As you can imagine most of them will oversell themselves, but if you be honest and tell them your opinion, for example if they think they are a 8 and you share your opinion which is, let’s say 5, they will start to panic and listen to you like their life depends on it. Just make sure you explain why...

It may sound strange and maybe a little rude, but it works! Try it! You will be surprised and amazed by the results!

  1. 11. What are you looking for when it comes to salary? What’s your worth?

Good to know what your interviewee is earning and what they feel they are worth. Ask them about their value. What is their price and worth?

  1. 12. What do you know about our company?

If they didn’t do their homework and research then why are they in front of you. It’s unacceptable to go to an interview without knowing about the company; it is as if you go and visit a stranger. They have to know your business and orientation. Your industry or sector focus? Are you growing or not? How many employees and offices do you have? Your Vision?

These things are MANDATORY!

  1. 13. Why should we choose you for this position? What qualifies you for this job?

If he/she is a smart cookie they will tell you exactly what you want to hear, after all it’s not a secret it was in the Job Description. If the answer is vague and dull well I think you know what you have to do... NEXT!

  1. 14. What can you contribute to our company?

A great person said to me once upon a time that the value of the company is in its assets – the employee. If you want to have a great company have great assets. Don’t settle for any less.

  1. 15. Do you have any questions?

After playing with his/hers emotions, tension and uncertainties you have to let them express his/hers opinion too. If they still have questions and good ones may I add then you might want to take him/her into consideration as future employees.

If these 15 questions aren’t enough for you, then take a pick from below:

  1. Do you believe you’re successful? Why?

  2. What would your co-workers say about you?

  3. In the past year how have you improved your knowledge?

  4. Are you applying for positions with other companies? Which? What happened?

  5. Do you consider yourself a team player? Give me an example?

  6. Have you ever had to let someone go? How did that make you feel?

  7. If you had the money to retire today, would you?

  8. Have you ever been fired or asked to resign?

  9. Why do you want this job?

  10. What (value) do you bring to the company? What are your qualifications for the job requirements?

  11. How long will you work for us?

  12. Give an example when you went above and beyond your normal job profile to make something happen for the company.

  13. What are your long and short term career goals?

  14. What are your career objectives? What’s your career path planning?

  15. If not this career, which other career would you have taken?

  16. Do you enjoy work?

  17. When can you join us? What is your availability?

  18. What are your salary expectations?

  19. What is your current salary?

  20. What are your financial expectations from any job in your life?

  21. Are you happy with your salary so far?

  22. What have you learnt from your previous job?

  23. Why should we hire you over all other candidates?

  24. What have you done since the last job?

  25. What qualifications do you have?

  26. What has been your biggest failure?

  27. What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

  28. What motivates you?

  29. Do you know how to motivate other people?

  30. Are you competitive?

  31. How would you describe yourself?

  32. Why did you choose a career in …?

  33. How do you handle criticism?

  34. Can you act on your own initiative?

Interview Techniques & Tips

The search for ‘The ideal candidate’ can be exhausting and could waste a lot of your time, but do not despair we are here to help you with our interview techniques and tips. If you know how to quickly distinguish the one’s worthy of your time from the ones that are not, let’s say, it can be a quick and painless process with a fantastic result – YOUR PERFECT CANDIDATE!

When interviewing candidates you have to be careful for 2 things:

  1. Always be prepared, it will save you time later on.

  2. Get to know your candidate as quick as possible. Don’t waste any unnecessary time.

If you follow these 2 points, everything will go as planned. But just to be on the safe side and to be sure we are on the same page just let me explain a little bit.

1. Always be prepared!

The candidate is not the only one who has to be prepared you know?! You have to be too.

  • He/She has to know about you and your Company and guess what? You have to know about his/her CV. Basically it’s a two way street from this point of view.

  • Be on time! It’s not professional to make them wait. The Top Candidates will think that you aren’t providing them a professional environment and attitude, so why should they stay and wait for you?

  • Beconfident and energetic, don’t look bored or in a rush. We all know that your time is valuable but you don’t want to come across arrogant and the most horrible boss in the world do you? If you do that, well let’s just say that word of mouth marketing is the oldest and the sharpest advertising that ever existed. The really bad thing about this is that once it’s out there it’s almost impossible to stop.

  • Have your questions ready. Make a list of relevant questions to ask them. This way you can find out about their experience, work, personality, attitude, etc.

  • Listen! Don’t just ask the questions quickly and be done with it. Ask a question, listen to their answer and relate it to the next questions.

  • Take notes. I know it’s not really pleasant to write down about the candidates your interviewing, but if you don’t take some notes you will lose track and when the time comes to pick from the shortlist how can you compare them and be able to pick the best one.

2. Get to know your candidate as quick as possible.

So you have your ‘List of Interview Questions’. The real question is ‘How do you use it?’

As I said earlier, you have to listen to the answers. Sure you have some guideline interview questions, but what you need to do is to be a smart cookie and try to ask them some interview questions that you think will make them spill the beans. After all, the main idea is to get them talking, not you.

Of course besides that there are some other things you should be aware of:

  • Eye-contact: usually when someone is insecure or is lying they will look away as soon as you make eye-contact with them. The story that the candidate is telling can be really nice but if he isn’t able to look into your eyes, let’s just say that there is another side of the story that you might not know.

  • Body language: almost 80% of our communication is actually nonverbal, it’s just body language. So by your candidate’s moves you can tell if he is open or is shutting you out, if he is a can-do person or a grumpy one. You can tell a great deal of things about a person without him/her even saying a word; you just have to read the signs. A friendly smile or a firm handshake can say a lot about ones’ personality.

  • Rehearsed answers: some answers can be fantastic, but are they the real deal or a deal breaker? There is no secret that some candidates prepare some answers beforehand and just memorised them. They can be exactly what you want to hear but what happens when you realise that and it’s too late. That’s a huge problem.

The trick is to pay attention to the candidate’s expressions. If the words aren’t matching the tone and facial expression, well then there’s definitely something wrong there.

  • Be a people person: some of the greatest candidates had a hard time breaking that nervous barrier at the beginning of the interviews, so try to understand them and to be friendly and patient for the first couple of minutes. Start with a simple conversation, learn about them, and don’t forget they are human beings just like you and me.

  • It’s their time to ask questions: when you are almost at the end you need to let them ask you some questions. What kind of questions will they ask? You have to be careful! You never know what type of question you may stumble upon. Whatever the situation is don’t lose your confidence, calmness and professionalism no matter what! Be honest and realistic, you may as well be truthful now as they will find out later anyway.

Professional Screening & Interviewing Services

We understand that you are extremely busy and you want only quality people in your Company. Well, in order to have them you do need time. If you don’t have it, we do. We can search, screen and interview candidates for you;

1. Telephone Screening (ONLY £27 p/Hour) BUY NOW

With a little bit of help anyone can become the perfect candidate on paper, but what about in reality?

Well, in order to find out, why not use our recruitment experts. Here is where we come in. Our experts will find out in a blink of an eye, whether that particular candidate is a potential for you or not, using our Telephone Screening process. For as little as £27 p/Hour our experts will review your applicants and score them, arrange a telephone interview and deliver to you the top 5 / 10%.

2. Face to Face Interviewing (ONLY £79 p/Hour + Travel expenses) BUY NOW

The next step after the Telephone Screening is inviting these candidates to a Face to Face Interview. Some candidates can be really good over the phone, but when it comes to the real deal, can they make it or will they just crack under the pressure or chicken out?

We will make sure that YOUR candidates are the real deal. We will dig up each and every corner of their experience, personality and skills to make sure they match your requirements for just only £79 p/Hour + Travel. We can provide you with our feedback on the top candidates and even arrange for them to meet you at your offices.

3. Assessment / Screening Days (ONLY £799 p/Day + Travel expenses) BUY NOW

You have some candidates that you like but you don’t know which one to pick? And you don’t have time to waste?

We definitely can help you here. Why don’t you use our assessment/screening day services?

We can set up assessment days, where we can invite candidates of your choice, conduct group activities, some screening, testing, and by the end reduce group numbers down to just the top 5% which we believe are the best ones for your Company.

Tempting? For only £799 we can arrange an Assessment / Screening day especially for you. Perfect for those who are hiring in volume and want candidates to start ASAP.

Your Recruitment

The whole recruitment process can become a little more complicated than it looks. Don’t forget, the most important asset in any business, is its staff!

Free Recruitment Guide

Welcome to our Recruitment Guide!

We do hope you will find it helpful and share it with your colleagues, friends or maybe even with your family. We came up with a simple version of the whole Recruitment Process in order to help you save time and let’s face it – money. ….Everywhere you look, sure you will find some guidance, but not a free one and not a quality one, that’s for sure. Let’s face it, most of them are for the jobseekers.

But what about the employer? Shouldn’t he/she have access to some guidance? Well yes we think so. Below you can find 6 simple steps of the Recruitment Process.

Sounds simple huh?

Let me just give you some extra information regarding those steps.

STEP 1 – What the job requires

First things first... You have an empty spot in your Company. Not only that you need to fill it as quickly as possible, but you need an employee that will fit in your Company, in your team; an employee that will be an excellent asset to your firm and will bring great value.

Usually to achieve those requirements it takes a while, or does it?

Well, luckily you have us on your side to help you skip some nerves. We are here to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

To fill the vacancy in your Company you need to sketch out a little bit about the role. What would you look for in a candidate? Do you have in mind any specific skills, experience or maybe qualifications? Just write them down for now.

What about responsibilities? Do you know what the job requires in order for you to know what to ask and look for?

STEP 2 - Create Job Advert

After you sketch out some ideas the next step is to write a Job advert.

If you want to see a template or some tips of a Job Description you can visit ‘Your Jobs’ category. There you can find a whole section dedicated to this subject.

Or just click here and you will go straight to Recruitment Advice section.

STEP 3 – Advertise Job & Search CVs

The Job advert is ready? Great! Let’s go to the next step, advertise it.

How, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple; you don’t need to stress out. With all this modern technology is so simple nowadays. You can complicate your life and try to add them in papers or magazines, but I think posting the job or searching for CVs on APPLY4U will have much more success. Try it!

Even if you just uploaded your advert or searched for CVs the process afterwards is the same. Make a list of candidates, try to prioritize them, see which ones are really worth your time and energy.

STEP 4 – Shortlist Candidates…

You’ve got hundreds of responses didn’t you? Told you!

Now comes a part of the process that needs patience and focus. Don’t get me wrong don’t waste 10 minutes to evaluate a CV. Just look at the essential things. Our experts rank CVs within 20 seconds...

Remember at the beginning I asked you to write down some key skills about what you’re looking for in a candidate? Well just search for them in CV’s.

If the CV comes across like a pretty good one, just mark them as suitable, if you’re not so sure maybe suitable and don’t forget about the unsuitable ones.

Done? Ok, take a look at the suitable candidates. Look thru the CV’s again. Make a list starting with the best and work your way down. Now you have your shortlisted candidates. See it wasn’t that hard.

If you need some help with this part you can use our Professional Screening Services

STEP 5 – Interview Candidates

Take that shortlisted candidates and start calling, invite them down for an interview, a little chat let’s say, especially about them!

Establish a day or two for interviews. This way you can have a fresh recollection of each candidate and you can compare how they presented themselves, they’re answers, experience and so on.

It’s much easier when you just take a look over the notes you took about each candidate and remember exactly how the interview went, when you have a fresh memory about them.

Interviewing candidates can have sometimes a down side. You might come across some people that you just don’t like. In this case don’t waste time. Just let them talk a few minutes, give them advice and guidance and then just show them the door.

It can sound harsh, but that’s life. We live in a world where time is the most expensive, as you can’t buy it, exchange it or rewind it.

If you need any help with how to interview candidates just visit ‘Your Interviews’ section. There you can find some interviewing questions and tips or use our Interviewing Services.

STEP 6 – Successful Candidate Hired ….

After your interviews you need to have some peace and quiet to think. Which one of them came across to you as the best? Who fits into your team and business the best?

If you still have doubts between 2 or 5 candidates ask them for a second / third interview, trial days or maybe ask them to do a presentation or to meet some else from your company.

It will make your decision process a lot easier.

The next and final step is to choose your employee and you’re done!

Recruitment Tips & Interview Techniques

Hi there!

Welcome to our Recruitment Tips section. Here you can find some interesting facts that are involved in the Recruitment Process.

Sometimes this process can be similar to other life experiences when it comes to the ‘other part’ everyone knows it but they won’t give you a heads up. They will just sit back and admire the show.

It’s like the time when you want to have your first baby, everyone who has a baby will tell you how wonderful it is, and what a blessing it is, but they will never tell you the other part, when they won’t stop crying at night for example.

Luckily for you, we are here to tell you a bit about the ‘other part’ of the recruitment process. Ready or not, here we go…

1. Types of candidates

You may think that the interviews are a piece of cake since you are the employer and all, but you will be surprised on how demanding sometimes this process can be.

Why you ask?

A. No matter what happens, you must be and act professional;

B. Each candidate is unique and has his/her own personality.

Let’s talk a bit more about the last point shall we.

There are 4 types of candidates:

  1. The Nervous Candidate: who is either too talkative and can’t stop blabbing or too shy and can barely say a few words. Also they are very easy to recognize without even having to hear them speak a word. How you ask? By their body language, by the way their hands or feet are shaking or the way they can’t look you in the eye.

Tip: Start the interview with some simple questions, look through their CV maybe ask them a question or two about their hobbies and interest, just to let them loosen up a bit. If you need any help visit our Free Interview questions section.

  1. The Over-confident Candidate: who is very full of it, thinks he/she is the best and if you don’t pay attention he can own the interview in a heartbeat.

Tip: Ask specific questions to pin them down to earth. Use a very confident and neutral tone, not too friendly, not too harsh.

  1. The Flirtatious Candidate: who will make some remarks or use a specific tone just to get under your skin. This situation can be like the forbidden fruit. It looks good, but once you have a taste all hell breaks loose.

Tip: Treat every candidate with an objective attitude and impartiality. Remember the first point? No matter what happens you must be and act professional.

  1. The Negative Candidate: who is too insecure and has low self-esteem and most probably no opinions of his/her own.

Tip: Try some probing questions and see how he/she responds. You can also add some positive attitude through their work experience or something that you see appealing from their CV. If the negative attitude continues just end the interview. There is no point wasting your time.

2. Communication

Most of us don’t pay that much attention to the way we communicate.

Yes, we know how to speak, but do we know how to communicate?

The way we communicate has:

A. An impact on the way we are perceived

B. Controls how we can make other people feel.

Someone once said to me that people will forget what you said to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maybe by now you are wondering why I’m talking about these things in a recruitment tips page. Well maybe you aren’t aware but the whole recruitment process should reflect your brand, your Company.

If you know how to leave a good impression you can increase your brand and name through the interview process. I always said that word-of-mouth is the best advertising any business can ever have.

3. Stay ahead

Nowadays we have so many opportunities to always improve ourselves. We’ve got conferences, seminars, trainings, online classes, and so on, but do we take advantage of them?

That’s one thing that you should keep in mind and look for, in a candidate. Is he open to improvement or is he comfortable in his layers of knowledge and that’s all.

If you want your Company to stay on top you need to get your employees ahead of the others, reward the superstars and get rid of the low ones. You need employees that are open to learning and change.

We are living in a fast pace environment; adapt and be the best or try to survive and eventually die. In the end it’s your choice.

4. Retention

I keep saying that the company’s biggest assets are the people within it. Why do you think the top businesses are high up in the ranking system while others are so low down below you can’t even seem to find them?

Do you want to know why? There’s no secret just RETENTION.

You have to be able to know who is an asset to your company and who isn’t. Find your superstars and keep them happy by rewarding them, or maybe by giving them more responsibility; some people love that more than anything.

Create a work environment that will make your top employees anxious to get to work in the morning and sad when they have to leave in the afternoon.

5. Be everywhere and anywhere

In business, like in life, if you want to be known you have to be popular, to be present at the ‘hottest’ seminars, meetings, get together, conferences, basically everywhere.

You have to make yourself known; sure you can let your employees or clients speak for you but it’s not quite the same. How do you think Richard Branson or Donald Trump got their name associated with success? They’ve understood that nobody can sell you better then you do.

This process will start slowly, but surely. At the beginning you’re going to be invited to common conferences or meetings, even though is nothing special you have to go anywhere you are invited, and if you know how to play your cards right you just might find yourself attending the elite groups conferences in no time.

Also I know you probably are sick of hearing this but don’t forget to be active all across social media platforms. And when I say all of them, I mean it: Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Pinterest, My Space, Google+, Xing you name it.

Just be present… everywhere and anywhere!

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