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Remember when?

You had no time?

You got tired of searching?

You got beaten by your competitors?

You had to pay that huge fee?

You wanted something better?

You felt you deserved more?

You needed a helping hand?

If yes, then Join Now for Free to job search, recruit staff for your company, post Gig jobs for yourself or just network and benefit from the community.

We bridge the gap between humatic technology and people with the help of our experts, mediating and helping improve the process from search to hire.

We easily connect job seekers, recruiters and employers together. We provide the marketplace community for jobs on an easy to navigate jobsite platform.

Time and Quality

Have you taken the painful choice of speed or low cost over quality before and it didn't work out? Apply4U bridges the gap between a Jobsite and a Recruitment Agency. You get the quality and speed of a Recruitment Agency but like a Jobsite you will never pay a placement fee.

Prefer an expert or someone you can talk to? Apply4U is the only Jobsite that helps and talks to its community of users. Become a part of our community and take your search in your own hands, benefit from expert help, exchange ideas and reach your goals.

Looking for a Job?

Looking for a Job?



Recruiting Now?

Recruiting Now?

You’re in good hands


No need to juggle between platforms. With our CV Database and our trusted partners, you can post here and reach thousands and millions candidates, employers, or even gig jobs.


For searchers all around, time is a precious resource while too many options can be extremely overwhelming and time-consuming. With the support of our humatic tech, avoid the noise and get relevant results instantly.


Become a member of our community to get news and tips from industry professionals and be a part of our Gig Economy.

Low Costs

In Apply4U there are no placement fees. We operate as an agency but charge as a job portal!


Customize your email alerts, your services, and edit or hide your profile in case you are secretly looking for work. Get as little or as much help you want, discreetly and personalized.


We will never leave you high and dry. With the support of our humatic tech we can guarantee volume, speed, quality and relevance for the results of your searches.

What’s next?

Join Now for Free, sit back… let Apply4U do the search 4U

Looking for Jobs?

Upload CV

Preferably in .docx format to help our technology do its magic.

Our humatic technology will help you pick up your skills and information. Simply take a look to confirm!

Get your CV reviewed by a professional for free.

Distribute your CV to with a single click to top employers, agencies & job boards of your choice.

Complete a personality test to make your profile stand out more.

We can search and apply 4U to jobs that match your profile.

Get a professional to write your CV to maximise your response rate.

Save your criteria to get notifications for any new matching jobs.

Get notifications of matching jobs at your chosen frequency.

Apply for jobs to get interviews & help our system identify your preferences.

Practice your upcoming interview with a professional and get advice & guidance.

Looking to recruit?

Company Profile

Advertise your company and business to attract more applicants and followers.

Any jobs for your company or for your own personal Gig jobs like gardener, freelancer or cleaner. It’s free to post and our technology will also find you the best matches.

From standard to featured or multipost to increase your reach and attract more and better candidates.

We can optimise your job adverts and write the job description to help attract more and better talent.

Get advice on where to look and how, to minimise your loss of time and find quality candidates.

We screen and interview your applicants. You only choose from the finalist in the end.

Instantly search 1000s of active, passive and pre-screened CVs.

Speak to the candidates you like and get them in for interviews.

Save your criteria to get notifications for any new matching CVs.

Get new CV notifications at your chosen frequency.

Add in your criteria or the job spec and have our Humatic Technology deliver you relevant CVs with 24 hours.

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Our Partners

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Here are our trusted partners that have helped the Apply4U platform come to life.

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Who Trusts Us

Since 2007, Apply4U has become the trusted recruitment partner to UK’s leading Employers and Recruitment Agencies. Having been recognised and awarded for recruitment expertise across several sectors, we thank you all for your support, trust and friendship.

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The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share some of our favourite success stories from trusted individuals, employers, recruitment agencies & users of the Apply4U jobsite.