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Mental Health Awarness

by Apply4U    Posted on May 20, 2018

It’s 6:30am. You’ve been lying awake for half an hour – eyes open but you’re not awake. Your alarm goes off “beep beep, beep beep” you peer up at the clock. You look around your room, out of the window...

How to reduce stress (effectively!)

by Apply4U    Posted on August 11, 2017

Stress. We've all felt it and hate it. But what happens when stress is affecting your personal life and work life? Find out here how to reduce that stress effectively...

Tips to ace your phone interview

by Apply4U    Posted on August 8, 2017

You've got a phone interview coming up soon but you're thinking: Am I one of those who are making little mistakes which are affecting my interviews? Find out here...

How to keep your job

by Apply4U    Posted on August 6, 2017

The struggle of finding a job and going through a grueling interview is over. Or you've already got a job and you're wondering what you can do to keep your job. Find out our best tips to keep that job...

Should I accept a counter offer?

by Apply4U    Posted on August 6, 2017

There is no better feeling in the world to have gone through a grueling interview process and be offered a job which you deserve. But it doesn't work out and you're offered a counter offer. What do you do...

How not to quit your job

by Apply4U    Posted on August 6, 2017

Quitting any job is tough and there is not really a good way to do it. There are a number of ways to quit your job, like a resignation cake or a YouTube video. But which way is the best way to quit...